pparams rails plugin

I’ve reached a new low in trivial rails plugins.


Betting on rails never calling, and any rails programmer never needing, the Kernel.p method, this plugin overwrites it by aliasing params to p.

Instead of

  user = User.find_by_email( params[:email] )

you can use

  user = User.find_by_email( p[:email] )

Sounds silly but I find that code that calls params, sometimes multiple times in one line, tends to break across lines, and I don’t like that.

pparams might make this less likely to happen.

Install it like this, (but you already knew that)

sudo gem install pparams

Don’t forget to restart your rails server or things get weird. Hopefully this wont break anything, but if it does let me know. Breakage would probably be immediately apparent, like logging suddenly stops working.


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